Our Story

Hi and thanks for visiting!

I’m Stacey, teacher, mother of two beautiful children and founder of Clever Little Koalas. I studied language and linguistics, and since 2008 have been teaching children of all ages, specifically working with secondary students as an English and EAL teacher, as well as a Greek language teacher.  

I have always felt there was a need for children to be given the opportunity to, through sensory play, be stimulated, supported and guided through their learning. I started Clever Little Koalas with this at the forefront and have created a small selection of handmade, non-toxic products that are matched with bespoke literacy and numeracy activities to help support a child’s language, motor skills and help develop confidence. There are so many benefits to sensory play

Bilingual products are also included in my story, as language plays a significant role in my life and in my day-to-day teaching with both my students and children. It’s also such an important element for so many families, including mine, so offering products like these were intended to help celebrate diversity and the beauty of language. 

All products are designed to help spark your child’s imagination and their curiosity for sensory play. They are carefully handmade and lovingly assembled in Melbourne, Australia. 

I hope you enjoy my products and are too taken on the journey with your child. 

Play, imagine, learn. 

Love Stacey