Benefits of Being a Bilingual Child

There are unfortunately many misconceptions of language delay when introducing a second language. This has been proven incorrect and there are actually many benefits for bilingual children. 

The best time to introduce a second language? As soon as possible! The earlier a child is exposed to a second language the better they'll grasp and learn it. Do not be deterred though if you haven't, any stage of exposure is great! 

Some of the benefits include:

-Bilingual children develop better communication skills and are more likely to show empathy 

-They develop a strong cultural identity 

-Improves the cognitive function linked to thinking and problem solving. 

Children's brains are primed for language skill development at an early age, so if you've been thinking about start their bilingual journey today! 

As a Greek language teacher I am asked often about ideas on how to introduce and maintain the second language. It doesn't have to be difficult and should just slide into every day life. 

Some things I do with my boys that you can start with:

-Use the target language while playing

-Go shopping together and speak in target language 

-Read books


-Speaking with grandparents and other family 

Real life interactions are the best way to introduce and develop language skills. 

Our products are designed and created with children of the diaspora in mind. We create resources that will spark creativity and a love of language learning. Open-ended resources that will grow and be used through multiple stages of learning. Thank you for choosing our resources to aid your child's language learning.