Learning My Name Set

Learning My Name Set

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Μαθαίνω το όνομά μου!

This Learning My Name Set aims to help your child learn to recognise and write their name in Greek. 

The activities included are a variety of both handwriting and hands on activities with a range of skills. 

Set includes:

-Placemat (can be laminated for use with play dough and washable markers) 

-Variety of tracing and writing activities

-Cut and paste activities 

-Finding/ Missing letters in my name 

-Initial letter and associate word

* This Set can be printed and used as is or laminated for reuse.*

* Include child's name in 'notes' at checkout. 

*Name will be written as is, please proof read before completing purchase*

Instructions can be in English & Greek or Greek, please select your preference.  

This personalised Name Set will be created and then sent to your email address. Please allow 5 business days from purchase.